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Grandma’s Afghans

My mother’s mother taught me to crochet so many years ago. I didn’t do much when I was young, though don’t think I ignored thread because I spent many an hour making friendship bracelets (wonder where they all went to).

When I was probably around 10 or so I received an afghan for Christmas. Now, I have a ridiculous number of cousins, and even in the 80’s we could have put together a baseball team quite easily. (In fact we often played baseball at family gatherings… with 2 teams including the adults.) So that year that the first wave of us received blankets started an epic task for Dorothy. It didn’t end when she got through each of the grandkids either… my husband and I received a blanket when we got married, each of my kids received a blanket before they were old enough to go to school… and in the last 20 years I think most people that could remotely be considered close to my grandparents have gotten this lovely gift.


I suspect my need to keep busy may have been genetic.

Now my grandparents have gone south for the last time and are dealing with the challenges of dementia and ailing health. It is difficult. I suspect that the smooth, regular, rhythmic, process of knitting (Grandma switched processes a number of years ago.) provides Grandma with at least a little stress relief. She certainly has an impressive collection. The spare closet is full to the rafters with gifts for the future.

My cousin, Laura, a member of the original Christmas gift list I suspect, suggested we should collect pictures of the blankets out in the world, each with their owner.

I thought this collection might be nice to share with you:

Dorothy’s Blankets


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