Robbie learned to crochet from her grandmother when she was a very young girl, to sew in 4-H, and eventually basic quilting techniques from a good friend (and from experimenting) years later. Robbie explored a multitude of crafting projects along the way but found projects involving yarn or fabric suited her best so decided to really hone that craft.

The posts on this site describe a bit about the journey to perfect each project.

Robbie spent many years making projects for gifts to give to family and friends so some of these are shared here. As her boys grew older crochet and cross-stitch became an excellent way to focus and relax after all the running involved in raising a family (and completing a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the same time). Soon the quantity of completed projects exceeded the demand for gifts. So… when an item is available for order you’ll see a link to purchase.

Robbie 2014

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